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How does it work?

Network with local Assistants


Work in a small company?

Do you want to meet Assistants in your local area and share knowledge?

Work in a big company?

Do you want to see how Assistants outside your company do things? Do you wish your organisation had a stronger community of Assistants?

Executips facilitates real-life networking and community building for Assistants. We’ll tell you about relevant networking groups near you, or help you set up your own!

A global community of like-minded professionals


Thousands of Assistants already use Executips. They’re based in Sydney, Stockholm and San Diego – and everywhere between.

Got a question you’d like to ask Assistants around the world? Got a great tip to share?

Need to find the best boutique hotel in Helsinki? Why not ask a trusted Assistant in Finland!

Executips connects you with a huge global community of like-minded professionals.

Executips is a treasure-trove of information for Assistants


Looking for a job?

Leading recruiters use Executips to find candidates

Build a strong network and profile on Executips by connecting and interacting with your peers. The best jobs are often never advertised, so it’s important to get noticed.


Looking for training and courses?

Many trainers and training colleges use Executips to advertise their courses

Join their networks to keep in touch and find out when courses will be taking place near you.

Get recommendations about the best courses from fellow Assistants.


Looking for content?

Executips is a community just for Assistants

Ask your personal network or our global community questions and browse content shared on the site by individuals and some of the leading thinkers in the industry.

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